Les plus belles chansons sur Paris

Best songs about Paris

What could be more beautiful than Paris in music? Let’s discover together the best songs written about the French capital. Maestro music!

Les prénoms de Paris – Jacques Brel

What better tribute to the city of Paris than this magnificent song by Jacques Brel? Considered as one of the greatest poets of French song, the great Jacques Brel declares in this title his love for the capital of the country of human rights. Paris Romance, Paris la chance… All the most beautiful clichés about the city almost pass there and yet we lend ourselves to the game and we strongly want to go dance immediately in the Parisian streets to the rhythm of this ballad in love between the singer and Paris. So, are we going?

Que Marianne était jolie – Michel Delpech

Michel Delpech, a true jewel of French singers, was able to mark his era with great hits that the French still sing joyfully today. The title that interests us is not necessarily the best known, and yet the melody is beautiful and catchy. More than a simple song about Paris, it is in homage to his Love for France and the Republic that the artist composed this song. You can hear Marianne, symbol of the Revolution and the French Republic, wandering through the capital. And she was pretty when she walked the streets of Paris. A song full of hope.

Amoureux de Paname – Renaud

Then totally unknown to the general public and still young, the artist Renaud sang “Amoureux de Paname” in 1975. Far from the usual clichés of songs about Paris, the title approaches the French capital from a new angle, more ingenious, less romantic. The lyrics are simple, the melody is also simple, but the song gives a nice glimpse of the streets of Paris in the 80s. A well-dressed young singer sings a hymn to France and its most beautiful city on a bicycle, no matter what the boo-boos of the time say. They want grass, Renaud likes the concrete of the macadam.

Metro – Java

Do you know the Java music band? Probably not. Despite a certain success and a big community of fans from the first hour, the rap band remains very little known in France. Yet some of their songs sound really good. This is the case of their title “Metro” which is the one that interests us today. On an accordion tune like one could hear in the Parisian subway, the artists begin here a song which is entirely dedicated to it. Where this title is really strong is that he uses in its lyrics almost exclusively the names of Parisian subway stations. And it works! A real story full of puns starts and we then want to follow them for a night stroll in the subway. Let Bercy play the jerky rhythm!

Paris – Edith Piaf

Is it possible to state a Top 10 of the most beautiful songs on Paris without quoting the great and famous icon Edith Piaf? She alone still represents France a little everywhere in the world through her greatest successes. It is thus obviously that the artist sang an ode to the French capital: Paris. The creamy coffee of the morning, the suburbs, the Latin district… Ah how one feels there well in this Paris of the singer Edith Piaf! She even says it in her title: “Paris, I miss you God, we’ll both meet again.” Synonymous with Love and joy, the city takes here a marvellous air under a melody soft and of which one does not tire. Thank you Edith Piaf.

Sous le ciel de Paris – Yves Montand

“Under the sky of Paris, until the evening you sing”! If you’re not sure you’re in love with Paris, Yves Montand certainly was! And he proves it to us with this small catchy and cheerful melody in which he takes us to the French capital. For the occasion, the artist has released his most beautiful accordion and makes us travel in the most beautiful streets of the city. Very quickly while listening to it comes to us a desire to dance and the melody remains in head to such a point that one is surprised to whistle it a few hours later. More than a hymn to Paris, Yves Montant offers us a hymn to life, to the blue sky and beautiful weather. Let yourself be rocked by this beautiful song!

Titi Parisien – Seth Guecko, Nekfeu & Oxmo Puccino

Are you tired of all those singers idolizing Paris? Well here is a nice good forward with this superb recent title of 3 big names of the French Rap: Seth Gueko, Nekfeu and Oxmo Puccino. Far from the clichés of dozens of songs about Paris, this title reveals the relationship between the singers and the capital. Between difficulties and opportunities, each of them has a story to tell with Paname. In this melancholic title with a very well directed clip, the 3 protagonists also question us about our relationship with the city. What if we’re all finally Parisian titi?

I love Paris – Cole Porter & Ella Fitzgerald

I love Paris… What more can I say? A very simple title that tells us everything. The singer Ella Fitzgerald fell in real emotion for the French capital and it is felt in her song. For sure, this is a true song of Love in which the artist lists the situations in which she loves Paris. Whether it is in spring, summer or all year long, Love remains. Let yourself be intoxicated by this lovely stroll. Note: this is the only English song of this top 10 most beautiful songs about Paris.

Paris Paris – TTC

Here’s a title that denotes it! Do you know the TTC group? Considered by some as outstanding hip-hop artists, they offer us with Paris-Paris a totally crazy song about the capital city. With the art and the way of handling words, the companions brilliantly describe the city full of excess that is Paris. Which city has the most class? Which city has the most cash? Well, it’s Paris, of course. A must listen if you do not know and want to have a good time!

Paris – Taxi Girl

We finish this top 10 most beautiful songs on the french capital with a real hit: Paris by Taxi girl. Here, no superfluity, no unconditional love, but rather an inventory of everything that makes the ugliness but also the beauty of the city. With a frenzied rhythm, this track which did not take a wrinkle transports us in the eighties at high speed! “In Paris, there’s nothing to do but walk the streets.” And yet, Taxi girl dedicates a song to it. Like the testimony of a Parisian youth of the 80s, prisoner of Paris, gilded cage.

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