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Paris on Instagram : 10 Must-Follow accounts

Because very often beautiful pictures are better than words, we show you today our selection of 10 instagram accounts to discover Paris in the best of ways! Feel free to subscribe to the Insta feed of these Paris lovers and share your own favorite influencers in the comments.


Almost unknown with only a hundred subscribers, Wetstein is undeniably one of those intagramers whose every shot is loved. Without knowing much about the man behind this pseudonym, one thing is certain: he is a true lover of Paris. Between the buildings of La Défense, the new constructions and Parisian works in exhibition or the particularities of small hidden places at the bottom of a district, you will love the photos of Wetstein taken on the spot.

Marion à Découvert

A little freshness in Paris with this instagrameuse also blogger in her spare time. Marion’s specialty? The kitchen! She takes you to all the best Parisian tables and makes you salivate thanks to all the dishes she immortalizes. Its thread will help you to find ideas of good dinners but will also put you in good mood! Indeed, Marion is in love with life and has a very communicative smile. Bon appétit les parisiens !

Ophélie M

With a growing community and a quality blog, Ophelia M’s instagram thread has everything to please young women, and even men! Here, it is nothing more or less than “La vie en rose” that Ophelia makes us discover with her magnificent photos. Unless it’s the French Dolce Vita? Always a new outing to promote or simply a new ice cream to test in one district or another.

Paris je t’aime

That is so beautifully said. We also love Paris and we feel it fully by following the news of this Insta account. Behind “Paris je t’aime”, it is actually the official website of the Paris Tourist Office that hides. So don’t hesitate to subscribe to see not only the most beautiful pictures of the capital but also be kept up to date on the latest trends, releases and news.

Le parisien heureux

An account as we like them at the editor: simple, personal and optimistic. Life is beautiful in Paris and each day can be the occasion to stroll in a new district, to attend an exhibition or quite simply to have a drink with friends. Welcome to this account typical of the life of a happy parisian !

Carnet Parisien

The Parisian is romantic, the Parisian is elegant but above all… the Parisian is cultured! This is what this reader and feminist defends perfectly through her very nice Instagram account. Follow her in the capital to the rhythm of her sometimes deep, sometimes light but always interesting readings. And what better way to relax than in the Luxembourg garden with a good book?

Cyrielle Balerdi

Here’s a little out of the ordinary, off the beaten track. Cyrielle Balerdi takes us to a dark, chiaroscuro and yet charming Paris. Through his mostly monochrome photographs, we have the impression to observe the time which runs in the Parisian streets. Love, haste, solitude, so many subjects thus depicted in the streets of Paris on this Instagram. We like it a lot.

Nath Paris

Nathalie is artistic director and the least we can say is that it is felt on her Insta thread. All his shots are truly unique and are captured and retouched with care. Some would even be worth appearing on professional covers. A real joy for the eyes that makes you want to discover the capital.

Paris is always a good idea 💙

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Paris promenades

No lying about the merchandise! Here we invite you to put on your walking shoes and to visit the city under all its nooks and crannies. With a nice shot from time to time, Audrey is undoubtedly an addict to discovery and regularly walks the cobblestones of Paris. A superb thread to find new ideas for your Sunday walk.

La discrète allée des Brouillards et son château

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Juan Jerez

Juan loves Paris. But what this Spanish photographer seems to love more than anything else are the great Parisian avenues and the atmosphere he manages to create in his photographs. A high quality account to add to the list of instamers that you are.

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