Que faire à Paris

Things to do in Paris

How is it possible to get bored in Paris!? Anyway, maybe it’s Sunday, or it’s raining. Unless you live in the 14th district. Or you are alone in the capital and desperately looking for something, someone, somewhere that can save you from the deadly boredom that lies ahead. Don’t worry anymore, thanks to this Top 10 things to do in Paris when you’re bored or when you have no idea, you’re bound to have a good day. Let’s go for some great activities!

Attend Mass at Notre Dame

Right in the heart of the Ile de la Cité, right in the middle of Paris, you have free access to one of Paris’ most beautiful and joyful architecture, perhaps even in the world: Notre-Dame-De-Paris. You have certainly already visited it (and you would be wrong not to have done so) but have you ever attended a mass? Whether you are Christian, Jewish, Muslim or Shintoist, it is always interesting to attend a mass in one of the largest parishes in France. One can see the fervour of the believers but also listen to the beauty of the cathedral organ. If you don’t know what to do in Paris, meet a little before 6 pm near Notre Dame to attend a mass and enjoy the wonderful architecture of the monument. See the precise schedules on the Notre-Dame-De-Paris website.

Discover one of the most beautiful parks in Paris

Aren’t you tired of all this concrete? Come on, let’s go! We’re going to the park! Yes, but not the same park where you usually land with your friends. No, today why not discover a new park? Paris is full of beautiful parks and gardens to go for a walk. Between the lust of the Luxembourg Garden, the heights of the Buttes Chaumont park or the magnificent Bagatelle park located in the heart of the Bois de Boulogne, you have the embarrassment of choice. Each of them are different and beautiful in their own way, and I’m sure you haven’t visited them all, have you? So it’s time to go green!

Go to Ladurée to taste macaroons

No, I’m not talking about the Ladurée store on the corner of your street, I’m thinking of the most beautiful sign on the Champs-Elysée! Cliché, huh? And yet. The interior of the place is magnificent and really very chic. While you might at first think it’s a big tourist catch, you quickly let yourself be overwhelmed by the beauty of the place and the wonderful taste of what you serve. Have a nice tea and some macaroons and you will feel truly Parisian. Yes, it is, I swear it’s nice. Count less than 20€ for 2 people for this chic French style. Why don’t you try the rose macaroon and tell me about it?

Enjoy a Parisian terrace

Well, yes! Don’t act like you haven’t thought about it. Very often, going for a drink is the last solution of the survivor who has not found a single idea of going out in Paris. And yet exalt yourselves! What better way than to sit in a Parisian café on a good leather seat or in a covered or uncovered terrace. Paris is known the world over for its cafés and restaurants so let’s enjoy them! What a pleasure to drink a good beer with friends on the terrace and to watch life flowing in the sun. What a pleasure also to read a good book while tasting a delicious hot chocolate in a terrace heated under a winter rain ! Put on your sunglasses or your mittens and go out on the terrace!

Visit the latest exhibition at the Centre Pompidou

Okay, maybe you think it’s ugly. Nevertheless, the Pompidou center (or Beaubourg for intimates) often hosts very good exhibitions every season for a very low price, even free if you are a student, under 26 or unemployed. At the moment there is an exhibition on french May 68, interesting no? Besides the exhibitions and the permanent collection, the place itself is also worth a look inside and out. Small bonus: from the top floors of the building, you have access to a beautiful view of Paris, and that’s nice! Once your exhibition is over, you will find a small bar where you can relax in the 4th arrondissement. More information on the Centre Pompidou official website.

Going to a trial

Few of you know this, but it is possible to attend several trials in progress free of charge simply by going to the scene on the day of the hearings and all this free of charge. Instead of looking at yet another drama at the back of your couch, why don’t you go to the Palais de Justice in Paris instead? Depending on the notoriety of the hearings or the accused, you may have to stand in line before entering the courtroom, but it is worth it. Not only can you attend as many hearings as you wish, but you can also visit this magnificent building. To attend a hearing, simply enter a courtroom in silence and sit on the back benches set up for that purpose. Most of the time, you will undoubtedly witness cases of theft or drug trafficking without much interest, but it is always interesting to observe closely the protagonists and the situation in which they find themselves. A sure enriching experience! For more information, see the hearing schedule.

Walking in the Marais district

You never get tired of the Marais district. Whether it is to admire the artists’ galleries around the Place des Vosges, or to eat a good piece on the Place du Marché Sainte Catherine, or simply to stroll in the streets between shopping and falafels… Yes, the Marais is the place to relax. Why don’t you go for a walk if you don’t know what to do in Paris? If it’s almost time for a snack, tell yourself that this is also where some of the best tea houses in the capital are located. Still not convinced?

Stroll at Passage Jouffroy

Did you know that Paris is famous for its covered passages? But if, you know : these small (or big) covered streets that can be found everywhere in the French capital and that are more or less beautiful and filled with nice shops. If you’re bored and it’s raining, nothing beats a stroll through the Jouffroy Pass, one of the best known and most beautiful passages in Paris. The entrance is right next to the Musée Grévin on the Grand Boulevards (where french people usually go to drink pints with their friends). In this colourful passage, you will not be bored : candy shops, antique shops, craft workshops, jewelry shops, atypical restaurants or even small exhibitions of photographers. What could be more beautiful than admiring old clichés about Paris while strolling under the magnificent Jouffroy vault? I’m asking you.

Visit the catacombs

That’s a nice attraction. You will have about 2 hours of queue before being able to enter inside the catacombs. But anyway, you didn’t know what to do! Rendez-vous near the Denfert-Rochereau metro station to have a great time. Once the long wait is over, you will have about an hour to visit. And the tour is really nice! I’m often surprised to see that so few Parisians have walked the catacombs when it’s not only a very interesting cultural visit, but also something fun and a bit out of the ordinary to live. You won’t get many other opportunities to walk around so close to thousands of human skulls, believe me! For more details on the visit, visit our article dedicated to the catacombs.

Enjoy the quays of the Seine

You are no doubt aware that since very recently the quays of the Seine are accessible to pedestrians. What makes motorists miserable makes pedestrians and people who get bored on Sundays like you happy! Do it all from the Seine and venture across the river. The quays of the Seine have plenty to offer such as terraces near the Pont Neuf or the Grand Palais or small hidden gardens such as the Tino Rossi garden and its improvised street concerts… The place is also ideal in summer to have a picnic with friends overlooking the Seine. You can also put on your old roller skates or bike and enjoy the trail recently closed to vehicles. The quays of the Seine, pure happiness.

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