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A patisserie tour in Paris

Enjoy a wonderful pastry tour in Paris!

Pâtisserie lover?

From Éclairs to Madeleines: try Paris’s Grand Pastry Tour!

Trust our local foodie guides 😉

Why book a pâtisserie tour in Paris?

Dive Deep into the World of Delicate Delicacies

Paris is not just the city of love, but also the capital of pastries. With creations from world-famous patissiers, our tour is a journey into a world of mouth-watering delights that can't be found anywhere else.

Experience Paris Beyond the Eiffel Tower

Every corner of Paris tells a story, especially when it comes to its patisseries. Discover the tales behind the most iconic desserts such as the Tarte Tatin or Mille-Feuille. This is the sweet side of Parisian history.

Savor, Relish, and Repeat! 😉

Prepare your palate! From flaky croissants to delicate macarons, our patisserie tour promises a satisfying journey for every dessert lover. And trust us, by the end of it, you'll be asking for more.


One day pastry tour (8 hours)

259 €

for 2 people

+ 20 € per additional person

This price does not include all pastries and drinks consumed during the food tour (7 stops)

Half day pastry tour (4h)

169 €

for 2 people

+ 20 € per additional person

This price does not include all pastries and drinks consumed during the food tour (3 stops)

What our customers say

“I had a great day and came home with a full belly! I was able to try a pastry that I was looking forward to on Tik Tok and discover an excellent chocolate!”

Ashley M.
Trip as a couple, February 2022

Avis clients
Boulangerie française

Indulge in Parisian Sweet Delights!

Our pastry connoisseurs, deeply enamored by the sweet temptations of the City of Lights, are eager to guide you through the decadent lanes of Paris’s patisserie world.

Craving to sample iconic French pastries, from the airy mille-feuille to the luscious éclair, while also uncovering the hidden sweet treasures cherished by locals? We’ve got you covered! Our patisserie experts will lead you away from the usual tourist spots, introducing you to historic patisseries, artisanal chocolate shops, and local bakeries where age-old recipes reign supreme.

Whether you’re on the hunt for the fluffiest croissant, keen to immerse yourself in a macaron-making class, or wish to sip on a chocolat chaud in a quaint Parisian café, our local guides have the keys to unlock the sweetest side of Paris. They’re brimming with insider tips and treasured addresses to make your pastry journey truly unforgettable. So, give in to the allure and experience the sugary heart of Paris through the senses of those who adore it most!

Sweeten your senses!

Our exclusive Paris pastry experts are ready to craft a dessert-centric journey that will turn your day in the city into a flavorful memory.

Whether you wish to indulge in Paris’ legendary pastries, wander through the lanes dotted with century-old patisseries, or find the ultimate spots for a sweet evening treat, our private Paris pastry guides have the expertise to bring your sugary dreams to life.

Our quest is to let you experience the city’s patisserie heritage in a way you’ve never imagined. Allow our devoted local pastry connoisseurs to lead the way, showing you Paris through a uniquely tailored lens, ensuring a delectable and memorable day!

A parisian food tour

How it works

If you wish to be accompanied for a day or halfday to discover the Parisian gastronomy, nothing could be easier. Simply book a private food tour in Paris by clicking on the appropriate button. Once you are on the form page, you just have to explain us your request by specifying the desired days and the number of people of your visit.

We will answer you within a very short time to inform you of the name of your guide. All that is left is for us to meet you at a strategic location on the day of the tour and to spend a delicious time with you through the flavors of the most beautiful city in the world.

Our French culinary guides are there to give you a lot of information and to help you in the preparation of your gastronomic trip in France. So feel free to ask them any questions you may have. They will be happy to help you.

Top 3 reasons to get a pastry tour in Paris, France

The beauty of having a private guide during your pastry tour in Paris is the direct access to the crème de la crème of dessert spots. Paris is renowned for its macarons, éclairs, tarts, and more. Instead of the risk of biting into an underwhelming croissant or a too-sweet mille-feuille, trust your pastry connoisseur. They’ll navigate you seamlessly to the best patisseries and hidden bakeries in the city. Get ready for a sugar-laden journey you won’t forget!

A Parisian pastry tour is not just about taste; it’s also a feast for the eyes! Paris, with its historic alleys and picturesque boutiques, holds a world of sweet delights. As you delve into your pastry escapade, you’ll be introduced to various districts, each boasting its distinct charm and signature pastries. Picture yourself in Saint-Germain, tasting a buttery madeleine, or enjoying a delicate opera cake in a cozy shop in Le Marais.

One of the highlights of a private pastry tour in Paris is the chance to meet and converse with the artisans behind these edible masterpieces. These passionate individuals, who keep age-old traditions alive while also innovating, will generously share their craft’s nuances, stories, and tips. By interacting with them, you get an intimate peek into the artistry, dedication, and techniques that shape the vibrant pastry scene of Paris.

By discussing with these craftsmen, you will discover the ancestral techniques and innovations that make the richness of French gastronomy.

He will guide you in his pastry shops

His job is for you to enjoy and discover great products


Pastry lover

Big traveler, I was a guide for several years in Japan and South Korea. But my favorite city is of course Paris! I will be happy to show you my intimate Paris, through its main boulevards and my best addresses! I am a big fan of pastry and I am always looking for the best flan in Paris. I like to share the atmosphere of the neighborhood bistros with visitors. See you soon !

Sample itinerary for a pâtisserie tour in Paris

The sun shines over Paris, heralding a day immersed in sweet indulgence. Your knowledgeable patisserie guide is ready outside your hotel, with a route that’s a feast both for your palate and eyes. Here’s your pastry journey, seamlessly blending taste with Parisian charm.

1. First Stop: Île Saint-Louis
Begin at Berthillon. Although renowned for its ice creams and sorbets, its pastries are equally delightful. Enjoy a pastry while being surrounded by the Seine’s serene flow and historic Parisian architecture.

2. Second Stop: Le Marais
A short walk brings you to Pierre Hermé in Le Marais. Surrender to the temptation of a luxurious macaron or his world-famous Ispahan.

3. Third Stop: Saint-Germain-des-Prés
Stroll across the Seine and reach Ladurée on Rue Bonaparte. Let the elegant surroundings heighten the taste of a classic Parisian macaron or mille-feuille.

4. Fourth Stop: Odeon
Just a bit further, visit Carl Marletti on Rue de l’Abbé Grégoire. His Lily Valley, an exquisite blend of raspberry and rose, is an experience to be cherished.

5. Fifth Stop: Luxembourg Gardens
Before the next sweet stop, meander through the Luxembourg Gardens and relish in its serene beauty.

6. Sixth Stop: Montparnasse
A bit of a walk away but worth every step is La Pâtisserie des Rêves on Rue du Bac. Philippe Conticini’s creations, especially the Paris-Brest, are revelations in every bite.

7. Seventh and Final Stop: Latin Quarter
Wind your way through the charming streets of the Latin Quarter to reach Stohrer on Rue Montorgueil. Founded in 1730, it offers a taste of history. Their Baba au Rhum is legendary, making for the perfect sweet conclusion to your tour.

With each step and bite, Paris unveils itself not just as the City of Light but also the Capital of Pastry. As twilight sets, you’re satiated and enchanted, ready to champion the marvels of a walking patisserie tour in Paris to everyone.